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Wick'd Hemp Story & Highlights

-Clean Burning Soy Candles 

-100% US Grown Soybean Wax

-Homemade Natural Hemp Wicks

-Hand-Poured in San Jose, CA

-Phthalate Free


A day rarely goes by that I don't have a scented candle lit in my home.  Up until a couple of years ago, I was
one of the many people who shopped at Yankee Candle and Bath and Body Works for my candles; but then I learned
why my jars would turn black after a few burns.  I was devastated!  That black soot that most of us are all too familiar with,
come from all the synthetic junk that's found
in most candles these days. It's not only turning our jars black— we're also breathing it!
I tried to find natural options, and the ones that I did find could hardly scent
a small bathroom— let alone a large living space.  So, I started to experiment ... I started with a soy candle kit from
Candle Science and moved on from there.  Before I knew it, my kitchen was taken over by Soy Wax and Scented Oils. Every night when my kids would fall asleep, I’d turn into a mad scientist in the kitchen mixing scents to come up with my next favorite.
Then, 6 months ago I started experimenting with Hemp Wicks. Most Hemp Wicks that I found
are made with Bee's Wax, which is a clean burning natural wax; but, my Vegan friends wouldn’t be able to enjoy my candles because of it.  So, I started to make my own wicks with all natural hemp cord and Soy Wax.
I've gone through A LOT of hemp honing my ability to create the perfect size wick for nearly every size
container I've used.  After months of hearing "Man! you should sell these!" I finally created
Wick'd Hemp Candle Co.  I truly hope you give my candles a light and I would LOVE to hear your feedback.
Please tell me what you think of my creations and also
if you have any suggestions for future scents! You can find links to my Instagram and Facebook pages at the bottom of the home page.  Follow me so you can be among the first to find out about upcoming Giveaways!!

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