Spiced Fig

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11oz  /  Double Wick

Scent Profile:
Fig + Cardamom + Star Anise

This is a tough one for me to describe!  its cozy, it’s toasty, mildly sweet, & spicy.  It may be named “Spiced Fig” but, in my opinion, it by no means smells like food... if that makes any sense haha.  

Perfect Candle Mate:

La’ Vander Holyfield.  I love burning Spiced Fig and La’ Vander Holyfield together it’s my favorite “wind down” combo.  

Why Wick'd Hemp Candle Co.?

  • 100% US Grown Soy Wax
  • 100% Natural Hemp Wicks 
  • 100% Vegan (this is not common with Hemp Wicks, as they are usually made with Bee's Wax.  My Wicks are homemade with Soy Wax.)
  • 100% Phthalate-FREE
  • All Fragrance Oils used are High Quality and Skin-Safe  
  • Each Candle is dressed with Hemp Twine and an Evil Eye beaded tassel
  • Candles are made in extremely small batches to ensure the perfect "scent throw" 

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